Art and culture have a permanent place on our office walls in East-Munich because it also has in our corporate culture. Our 2018 Christmas party took place at the Wiede factory, where the artist Milan Mihajlovic introduced us to his world and made a strong impression on us. This year we gave Ray Moore the artistic license to create our Christmas greeting.

Art inspires

Ray Moore loves the humorous confrontation with reality. The idea of ​​”serious play” – the playful aspect mixed with serious undertones – can be found as a basic principle in all his pictures. We particularly liked this approach, because specifically this ending year demanded from us humor, optimism, and a positive vision for the future. Our company enters the new year with renewed strength, coming from our cohesion and adaptability. Artists and the whole cultural scene have suffered a great deal more and don’t have such a positive outlook.

Our seasons therefore serves to point out the importance of art and culture for our society and invite you to get to know two of the many artists who have inspired us.

Ray Moore

Ray Moore likes to work on several pictures simultaneously. His motifs – he has remained true to the wild creatures from the sketchbooks of his youth – exert a strong fascination on the viewer. In an unmistakable, colorful, and energetic style, often with text fragments, he satirically and charmingly deals with social topics.

Inspiration for us: keep the playful approach.

Milan Mihajlovic

“All of Milan Mihajlovic’s works represent a search for traces at their core. They require the viewer’s scanning gaze to sweep the entire surface and the viewer’s capacity for association. Their imaginary space of experience combines what has been experienced with what has been read, the real-historical with the mythical, and his pictures go beyond that Dreams and fantasies free.” This is how Eva Holzhäuer describes the artist’s works – and it can hardly be expressed better.

Inspiration for us: Don’t be pinned down or let yourself be pinned down. Always keep looking.

You may have already seen works by Thomas Huber and Stefan Heide in our office. Their strokes fascinate us, because only at second glance does a motif in the picture become recognizable. Or the intentional blurring of the perceived movement in the picture.

We wish all of us a colorful year full of ideas, creative freedom, and inspiration!

Sincerely yours,

b|c Management & Team