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HR strategy

Successful in the long term

HR Strategy Development

"How can HR contribute to implementing the corporate strategy?"

Increase the value added by your human resources activities and, in doing so, make significant steps towards securing the long-term competitiveness of your company. We help both with the development and the implementation of a roadmap/strategy for HR processes and HR IT that can be used globally.

HR Shared Service Transformation

"Which HR services should be included in a shared service center?"

We support and advise you during the shared service transformation, from undertaking the feasibility analysis and amending your HR organization and processes, right through to defining service level agreements.

Analysis of feasibility and profitability
(HR Business Cases)

"Which is the best HR process for our company?"

We can provide answers to this question. In doing so, we first analyze your individual requirements and make use of experience we have gained at other companies where feasibility and profitability are concerned. From this, we can ascertain what the most efficient process landscape will be in terms of costs and effort.

Strategic restructuring of HR activities

"Which trends can be observed in the field of HR?" - Ideas for restructuring

Starting by observing trends, we work together to develop sustainable concepts to ensure that HR continues to add value. We do this by constantly scrutinizing the way HR impacts on other business processes. As a starting point, this can involve naming indicators that are then brought in line with the company’s overall strategy.

The drivers for success are innovation and expertise!

Runa Straub / Junior Consultant