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Our Origins

  • Company founding

    „I started Binder Consulting because I felt I had enough experience to be on my own, but mostly because I loved the entrepreneurial freedom it allowed, with all its advantages AND disadvantages.“ - Reinhard Binder

  • First huge project engagement

    • Immediately in the second quarter, after 2 smaller projects Binder Consulting was partnering with SAP in a huge, 4 years lasting project for a well known High Tech giant. It was an exciting opportunity for the company with many challenges as well as great growth potential.
  • Expansion phase

    In the years that followed, Binder Consulting continued working with further multinational companies, very often in the High Tech area. Projects became bigger and more international, and new smart people have been hired.

  • Broadened service portfolio

    With many successful projects and a lot of talents with new knowledge and experience on board, a comprehensive service portfolio in the field of HR and HR IT consulting was formed. Binder Consulting e.g. worked for it´s clients on global HR IT strategies, helped with major IT-integrations in the course of M&A transactions. The service portfolio was taken to another level!

  • Custom software development

    Derived from a software selection project, we started end of 2008 with a custom software development project with one of our High Tech multinationals, developing a software that is running in approx. 200 countries - until today. We are still engaged in that interesting project.

  • International HR IT implementation in 60 countries

    After many years of successful HR IT implementations, we won the selection process for an international HR IT implementation against huge competitors in the market. That was a major milestone – David won against Goliath.

  • Founding of Scutera Software GmbH

    With of our proven expertise in custom as well as standard software development in the area of IT and HR, we decided to launch our own software development company for this fast growing business. Furthermore we also established a subsidiary based in Lisbon – Portugal and together we developed the COLMEIA Cloud Service: https://www.colmeia.cloud/

  • The family got bigger

    As the number of projects was continuously growing over the last years, the company had to follow by constantly increasing in size. Many new and fresh minds joined, making the company stronger than ever and ready for the future!

  • …and bigger: Two new partners!

    „With Andreas Letto and Dr. Ralph Köppen joining Binder Consulting as further Managing Partners, we are now prepared to become one of the major players in the HR and HR IT consulting market in Germany.“ - Reinhard Binder