Business Talent Strategy

Advise talent strategy # Manage talent change # Align global talent practice # Create engaging employee experience

Prepare your business for the future of work

Prepare your business for the future of work

Disruptive technologies and new business models are changing the way business value is generated. We help business managers define a customized talent strategy. Defining necessary qualifications for new job profiles and mapping them to existing job roles is one of our core competencies – we translate global technology impacts into talent practices.

Our Expertise in Business Talent Strategy

Defining Talent Strategies

Future-proof business capabilities and talent management are the keys to running an organization that creates value. However, a large part of this potential value is lost due to the difficulty to find, attract, retain, and develop the right talent. For this reason, we help our clients to:

  • Translate future business model requirements into necessary talent and skill profiles
  • Identify roles that are critical to reaching business objectives, and to match them with the right talent and skills
  • Create a qualitative and quantitative strategic workforce plan
  • Develop a talent management concept to improve the recruiting, retention, and development of talent
Managing Talent Changes

Workforce needs are changing and technology disruptions are creating a growing skill gap. The ability to adapt and develop talent and skills is therefore a major success criteria of any organization. We help our clients to:

  • Define future roles and responsibilities to ensure efficient cross-functional collaboration
  • Transform talent management processes to maximize added-value of the HR function
  • Design and execute personnel development plans to manage change effectively
Aligning global talent practices

Globalization presents opportunities but also many challenges for HR. One major challenge is to balance global integration with local adaptation. We:

  • Provide clients with practices which allow them to benefit from local skills and talents, while simultaneously having the right amount of globalized talent management processes.
  • Advise organizations and offer software solutions for all aspects of talent management, from designing and managing the job architecture all the way to innovative skill management.
Creating Engaging Employee Experiences

A new generation of employees with different needs and values is entering the job market, and skill requirements are changing fast due to digitization. Shifts in employee culture and mindset make it even more challenging to keep employees engaged.

We use Employee Experience Design and design thinking methods to:

  • Help organizations understand drivers of employee engagement
  • Define practical measures to improve the end-to-end employee experience (e.g. recruiting, onboarding, learning...)


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