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Empower your HR team to drive change

Empower your HR team to drive change

Rapid digitalization is creating new challenges and pressures on HR departments - alongside great opportunities. Your HR-IT strategy is undoubtedly a key factor in achieving the full potential of digitalization for your company. We put HR in the driver seat by designing and implementing a forward-looking HR application architectures – e.g. based on SAP or Workday.

Our Expertise in HR-IT Strategy & Execution

Developing HR-IT Strategies

Digitalization is shaping a new way of work and presents many challenges and opportunities for HR. On the one hand, building the right HR-IT foundation is key. On the other hand, technologies like RPA, bots, and machine learning may help achieve enterprise agility. Knowing which technologies to implement, and when and how to implement them, remains a challenge for most organizations.

We help our clients to:

  • Define an HR-IT target model that matches the goals of the organization
  • Assess the maturity level of the HR-IT landscape
  • Understand current technology trends and select the technology that best fits the organization's needs
  • Design and integrate evolving IT architecture principles
  • Implement the defined strategy
Designing HR Technology and Software

In today's digital world, empowering the workforce with technology is essential. HR technology enables the design of new processes that support improved productivity and an enhanced employee experience.

We design HR solutions based on deep expertise and market best practices. Utilize our extensive personal knowledge and powerful development team to create, implement, and support customized software solutions.

The Colmeia Cloud Service is one example of standard software we developed. The Colmeia Cloud Service allows the client to dynamically manage their job architecture, thus achieving great productivity gains. See for more information:

Streamlining HR Application Platforms

Integrated HR solutions (such as Workday or SAP SuccessFactors) compete with best-of-breed individual applications built around a common data core. Choosing an approach that best fits the organization's requirements is a primary key to generating value through HR.

We help our client to:

  • Select the right software
  • Customize the software to meet the organization's needs
  • Integrate the software into any existing IT landscapes
Managing Programs and Projects

Successful transformation projects require proper project management based on experience and best-practice knowledge. Unfortunately, many projects exceed the planned timelines and fail to achieve the desired objectives. With our extensive knowledge and experience regarding big transformations, we help our clients:

  • Define measurable project objectives
  • Analyze the environment, including stakeholders and risks
  • Set a communication strategy, change management, and execution plan
  • Plan a realistic project timeline with the right resources and capabilities
  • Implement the project plan and manage testing
Implementing IT Service Management

Successful operations highly depend on safe and reliable IT systems, making many organizations turn to internal or external IT service providers. The more solutions in use, the more complex it is to integrate all parties into end-to-end business processes that create value.

  • Design processes that help organizations optimize and manage their IT services
  • Support IT system integrations
  • Set measurable and deliverable KPIs to chart progress
  • Implement designed processes
  • Perform interim project management as needed


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