HR Operating Model Transformation

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Generate sustainable business value with an agile HR Operating Model

Generate sustainable business value with an agile HR Operating Model

In a business enviroment where uncertainty reigns, agility is a must. The same is true for HR. Providing a consistent employee experience is key. Our proven agile HR operating models help companies pave the way in all directions. We are shaping the future of HR organizations, e.g. by a governed HR automation journey.

Our Expertise in HR Operating Model Transformation

Building HR Strategies

Talent Management is increasingly seen as a key element of any successful business. Amplifying the value-add of human resource activities is a significant step towards securing a company's long-term competitiveness.

We help both develop and implement globally-executable roadmaps/strategies for HR and HR-IT processes.

Planning for the impact of digitalization

To future-proof a company and offer significant competitive advantage, workforce planning should incorporate the anticipated effects of digitalization.

We offer solutions that:

  • Assess the impact of digitalization on your workforce
  • Achieve higher cost-efficiency through predictive management of the transformation and implementation of new roles and skills
  • Choose the best HR and IT measures to support digital transition and IT implementation
Designing HR Operating Models

To stay competitive in today's fast-changing world, it is crucial for organizations to introduce new business models, create new partnerships, implement new technologies and processes, and develop new skills. The capability of an organization to adapt to a changing environment is a key to success.

For this reason, we help our clients to:

  • Design the required components of a sustainable HR operating model which will shape the future of their organization's services, processes, talent and skill management, data and technology, finance, governance, and partner management
  • Analyze and select the best format of the future operating model in relation to sourcing, shoring, sharing, etc.
Designing HR Organizations and Processes

HR functions are widely distributed across geographies, business divisions, functions and technologies. The answer to the question of where and how to allocate decision-making power is therefore essential.

It is important to define a target organization that fits the business strategy, and then to transform processes to bring it to life. We help our clients:

  • Assess the maturity and processes of the HR organization to identify additional value
  • Design and implement processes, roles, and responsibilities for efficient end-to-end business processes with HR touch points
  • Ensure the new organization is readily adaptable to business change


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