HR Carve-Outs, Mergers & Acquisitions

Drive post-merger integration # Globalize HCM Systems # Transform HR Shared Services # Consolidate IT architecture

Make your Carve-Out or M&A transformation a success

Make your HR Carve-Out or M&A transformation a success

The success of CMA projects depends to a large extent on the ability to manage complex transformations: create transparency, manage change and implement the target image under demanding time conditions.

binder | consulting offers HR organizations tried and tested services for a successful HR@CMA transformation journey and the post-merger integration phase

Our Expertise in HR Carve-Outs, and Mergers & Acquisitions (CMA)

Driving Post-Merger Integration

As M&A activities continue to grow, a great number of deals still fail to achieve the intended value for the organization. Failure to align the HR and IT integration strategy with business objectives is a major reason why M&A transactions often fail to attain the desired and planned value.

We help organizations to:

  • Adopt the target IT infrastructure and HR practices to reach business goals and ensure success of the merger
  • Deploy customer and employee programs for end-to-end integration of IT, HR, Business, and Operations
  • Consolidate job architectures, redesign the organization, and perform global employee-job mapping, as needed
Globalizing HCM Systems

While global organizations have access to varied talent pools, internal boundaries limit the ability of many organizations to manage talent across business groups, functions and geographies.

We help our clients to:

  • Define global processes and policies
  • Decide what level of freedom the organization has to adapt these processes and policies
  • Implement global systems to support these processes
  • Implement the required operational models and governance structures needed to sustain these solutions
Transforming HR Shared Services

New business models and technologies are changing classical shared service management. Shared service centers are increasingly being close-shored, and should contribute higher values through analytics and digitalization. This leads to new skill and process requirements and, in some cases, a need to reconsider outsourcing strategies.

During the shared service transformation, we:

  • Support and advise key stakeholders
  • Design the target shared service organization
  • Define service-level agreements
  • Manage performance and partnerships
Consolidating IT Architecture

A growing organization faces an increased complexity of its IT landscape due to several solutions being used for comparable business processes. It is therefore essential to support growth with a strong IT architecture management strategy.

We help our clients to:

  • Define the optimal target IT landscape
  • Analyze the gap between current and desired IT landscape
  • Design an execution strategy
  • Implement the defined strategy to consolidate the IT architecture


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