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Ever since I started working in the field of HR-IT I was fascinated by the technologies I came into contact with. At first, it all seemed like a mystery to me, as my studies didn’t involve any programming or computer science. In my first few weeks at binder|consulting, I started reading about things I found interesting, and I asked colleagues for more information. One of them even offered to teach me how to code, which we have been doing for some months now. Every week he sends me small exercises that I can work on whenever I find the time. On Fridays we meet up and have a look at how far I have gotten. I really enjoy improving my skills in that area and it is a great feeling to see that what I have tried to code really works. What encourages me to pursue this is my colleague's support. He motivates me, and we celebrate every step of my progress, which makes me very proud of my baby coding steps!

Yvonne Dörn

Make personal and professional development your priorities

I particularly appreciate the enthusiasm for personal development that we have here at b|c. The willingness to learn from each other is very high across all levels of experience. My experience is that I not only receive open and constructive feedback in my everyday work, but I am also actively asked for my opinion in decision making. Commitment and good performance are also openly and directly seen and appreciated. This fair and empowering treatment really encourages me to grow beyond what I think possible, again and again. Among other things, I was particularly touched to see how honestly happy and supportive my colleagues were when they celebrated my promotion with me .

Runa Straub

Work that creates value, for our clients and for you

From the first steps I took into the binder|consulting office in December 2011, I felt welcomed, professionally challenged, and in a trustful environment where my opinion mattered. In my first project in August 2015, the senior partner I reported to told me that he had planned a 3 week annual leave that month, and that in his absence I would hold the weekly status meeting with the board member of our customer (DAX corporation). I was nervous. While I was excited, I was also full of doubts about whether I was ready to face such a challenge. Not only did that senior partner give me the confidence to do this, but he also prepared me for the meetings in ways that were far beyond the context of a pure status report about the project. I am very thankful to have experienced this type of leadership, and I hope to help others the same way my project leader helped me.

Sven Richter

Warm welcome in Corona-times

Starting a new job in times of Covid-19 and mostly in home office was something I thought would be very difficult. But after my start at binder|consulting, my doubts quickly disappeared. The internal processes, but above all the openness and team spirit of the colleagues, made it very easy to integrate into the team and the company. For anyone who considers work more than just a job, binder|consulting offers an extremely inspiring, unique and diverse environment. From the very beginning, you are challenged at work and intensively supported by the management to pursue your own individual career and to continuously develop yourself.

Veronika Wimmer

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