“22% of newly hired employees leave their jobs within 45 days of being hired.”

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Presented by binder|consulting & UKG, the new PeopleDoc

Integrating employees quickly and retaining them in the long term – this is more relevant than ever due to the new challenges in the job market. Pandemic, home office, gig economy, and expectations of a young generation characterize the rapid changes.

To stay with an employer, new hires want to feel welcome, supported, included, needed, productive, and valued.

How can your HR successfully set up and carry out digital onboarding under these conditions?

binder|consulting and UKG, the new PeopleDoc, combine their experience and present how to meet these requirements with modern digital onboarding processes.


Michael Jetten, Director of Value Engineering at UKG, and Ralph Köppen, Managing Partner at binder|consulting, present their best practices. You will learn how to identify, optimize, digitize and automate the critical onboarding points for employees (“moments that matter”) in your company.

This is what we will show you:

  1. Expert discussion including survey
    • What is meant by “digital onboarding” today?
    • What are your practical experiences with onboarding?
    • How should one start an optimization project?
    • What are best practices for digital onboarding?
    • What measurable improvements can be achieved?
  2. Live demo “Digital Onboarding”
  3. Q&A