IDEE, the Munich-based specialist for secure digital authentication and authorization, announces the launch of its new channel program. Together with certified resellers, the company offers passwordless and zero-trust solutions for enterprise identity access management (IAM).

The first partner is binder|consulting. With the help of IDEE, binder|consulting helps its customers transform key HR processes in terms of laws and regulations regarding sensitive HR data, while enabling the secure use of private endpoints.

Security for UCC platforms and remote work

More and more companies are embracing work from home and implement Bring Your Own Device policies (BYOD) in light of current challenges. Digital collaboration (UCC) platforms have boomed in this space. At the same time, technological advances present many companies with security challenges when it comes to managing access to sensitive data. In addition, the pandemic has left many employees feeling insecure and thus at increased risk from hackers who are increasingly attempting to steal passwords and login credentials. The use of passwordless solutions offers increased security and protects companies from attacks.

Dr. Ralph Köppen, Managing Partner of binder|consulting is familiar with these challenges faced by his customers and sees the partnership with IDEE as a logical step in creating solutions: “What companies need today is a shift in their operating processes towards the cloud and the use of private devices. Achieving both in HR has been a challenge in the past. Today, with IDEE AuthN™ and binder|consulting’s many years of experience in optimizing HR operating models, we can offer a responsible solution to achieve these goals. Customers who opt for an on-premises or hybrid strategy will of course also benefit from this solution.”

Alex Christophe, Sales Director bei IDEE

Alex Christophe, Sales Director at IDEE, welcomes the decision: “We are very pleased to have been selected by binder|consulting for the digital transformation of HR processes. AuthN™ has proven to offer a short time to market and exceptional extensibility thanks to standards-based integration options. This is critical for many customers, as projects that don’t deliver quick benefits often don’t even get started.”

Channel partners are invited to join and benefit from immediate upselling opportunities with AuthN™ as a bolt-on security upgrade. The solution is platform-neutral and compatible with a wide range of authentication targets such as SSO and password management systems, VPN and network security devices, or business applications such as CRM and HR systems. Once integrated, AuthN™ provides passwordless access to applications, increasing security for the enterprise.

About IDEE

IDEE GmbH is a cybersecurity provider based in Munich, Germany, offering the most secure SaaS offering for authentication and authorization currently available. AuthN™, IDEE’s solution, is completely passwordless, based on a zero-trust architecture and thus offers a reliable authentication and authorization service Made in Germany.

AuthN™ removes all password-related threats by doing away with passwords as well as central databases for login data and credentials. Companies benefit from increased security and relieve the responsible IT departments. AuthN™ follows zero-trust and zero-knowledge principles and is built on a distributed Hyperledger architecture. This, in addition to increased security, also facilitates compliance auditing and adherence. Furthermore, multi-party authorization and 3-factor authentication are supported. The service is compatible with all major industry protocols and integrates with a wide range of applications and services, from ERP and CRM to UCC systems and HR applications.

IDEE is supported by the UK NCSC & GCHQ and is an active member of Bitkom and Teletrust in Germany. The company employs staff in Munich, London, and Belgrade.