This year’s HR Tech Summit was marked by very exciting topics, but unfortunately also by the beginning of Covid-19 in Germany. Thus, although the program still took place, some of the registered participants were already unable to appear at short notice. Nevertheless, the remaining participants did not allow this to overshadow the show and there were stimulating discussions on the following topics, among others:

  1. HR Digitization & Innovation: What will the digital HR department of the future look like? Where does artificial intelligence come into play?
  2. HR automation – chat bots & AI: How are HR bots redefining the employee experience? What are the use cases in the areas of training, onboarding, assessment? What are the risks and challenges associated with automation?
  3. HR Cloud Platforms: How are cloud-based HR technologies being applied in talent acquisition, payroll, or benefits delivery? Which application areas can be envisioned in the next 3 to 5 years?
  4. HR Reporting, Metrics & Analytics: How can you use HR Analytics to turn Big Data into Smart Data? How can you ensure an objective, data-driven and holistic approach that builds employee confidence in your performance management? How can HR Metrics support you in the decision-making process?
  5. Recruiting, Retention & Onboarding: How can innovative recruiting strategies be effectively implemented with the help of technology? What are the latest trends in recruiting marketing and employer branding?
  6. Remote Work & Employee Experience: How can digital workplaces, mobility, data management, workplace flexibility be implemented technologically and organizationally?
  7. Agile Change Management & Leadership 4.0: What will the leader of the future look like and what will leadership mean in the future? How does leadership culture have to change to adapt to the new framework conditions of work?
  8. HR Knowledge Management: What tools & systems are available and what does a consistent, long-term KM & Learning program look like?

Thanks to many different discussion formats and more than 30 hours of networking, icebreakers, challenge your peers sessions, world cafés with small group discussions or even inspiring keynotes about future challenges as well as more than 20 best practices from leading industry companies, many new contacts were made and information was exchanged.

binder|consulting is a valuable partner with its many years of experience in all the above-mentioned trade fair topics. For discussion we had brought the following five topics and corresponding solution approaches:

1. Global Technology Impact on your workforce and organization2. HR Target Operating Model - design and implementation3. Where are you on your HR automation journey?4. Roadmap to a bespoke, future-proof HR application architecture5. HR as a lever for successful carve-outs and M&As

For all those who were not able to attend the exhibition, we have compiled the information and made it available as downloads. The links in each case point to the landing pages for downloading the content.

We look forward to continuing the conversations – in person or virtually.