HR practices 11/14

Our fourteen-part video series provides brief answers to today’s most pressing HR questions.

Skill management software has only been around for a few years. There is certainly no best software, but only those that solve a specific problem better than others. Each vendor has individual strengths. The choice should depend on your priorities, hence, what you want to achieve with it.

North American companies such as Gloat, Fuel50, and Eightfold, are good examples because they develop the market with technical innovations. However, European companies such as Textkernel, Cobrainer, or HR Forecast are on par in innovation capability and are often better to use because of their cultural proximity.

In addition to these examples, there are additional providers that should be part of the selection process. Decisive is the question: What do you want to achieve?

These videos are only available in German. But Ralph Köppen is happy to discuss the topic in more depth. You can reach Ralph via the direct contact button below the video.