Use Case: Job & Skill Catalog

How we support one of the world’s largest HR transformations

Initial situation and challenges of an automotive company

The customer is transforming into a digital mobility service provider with various business areas. This transformation is being driven forward in several programs. As an important goal in the area of HR transformation, this also includes a consistent group-wide redesign of the job catalog and skills management.

Numerous new, future-oriented job profiles are created. Existing tasks and relevant skills are evolving rapidly. Overall, the topic is enormously complex and highly relevant for the strategic and operational way forward.

Skills management as part of the solution

All existing HR processes and systems are replaced or integrated via a new central SAP SuccessFactors instance as the leading HR system. Hundreds of thousands of employees receive new opportunities for digital support of their career development.

With the catalog, the customer receives a globally uniform structure and systematics for job roles. This makes the catalog the basis for many HR and talent management processes, such as recruiting, career planning, learning and development, competency management, strategic workforce planning, or succession planning.

In addition to aligning or redesigning job descriptions, up to 30 relevant hard and soft skills were assigned to each profile. For this purpose, a skills management tool based on artificial intelligence was used, which linked more than 2,000 skills from a skills cloud with more than 700 (partly new) profiles specifically for the customer situation.

In addition, new group-wide governance processes for changes in the catalog were designed and rolled out globally. To ensure that the role-based skills can be used individually by employees, they are also transferred to a learning experience platform to improve learning and skills management.

“Disruptive business changes impact jobs and required skills. For change to happen, it is essential that entities and employees develop a common understanding of future work and required skills across processes and the whole group. Constant change and flexibility are supported by new tools and processes.”

Dr. Ralph Köppen - Managing Partner

Benefits for the customer

The measures described above enable the Group to make its HR processes more effective and holistic in order to be successful in the long term. For example, the use of skills is constantly monitored in a partially automated process in order to constantly develop a skills ontology.

Consistent skill understanding

Employees better understand the skills requirements of role profiles – e.g. for their career development or during a transformation.
Skills can be used globally and across HR processes. For example, when advertising a job, as well as in the identification of suitable trainings for relevant further education.

Improved workforce planning

Through additional information regarding jobs and skills, strategic personnel planning can be significantly improved and become more goal-oriented.

Increased knowledge gain

The detailed insight into the existing and required skills across the company can also provide better insights and decisions at the group level, e.g. for recruiting and developing employees.

Improved Employee Experience

Improving further development and career opportunities also leads to an improved employee experience, which has a positive impact on employee retention.

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Skills Management

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Implementation of Skill Management

Selection of a suitable Skill Management Software

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