We are ## We make work work.

What we do

Digital HR-Transformation

HR needs to stay on par with a changing environment to enable employees to make use of their skills and technologies as the nº1 driver for organizational progress.

We create efficient, flexible, data-driven, and human centered structures for HR to fulfill its role as a companywide enabler for business success.

Workforce Transformation

Your workforce needs to be treated as the decisive variable to succeed in innovation and growth but is as complex, dynamic, and demanding as your business environment.

We enable your workforce to rise to its potential by interlacing the human and digital characteristics of work throughout all your talent management processes.

IT for HR

To maximize your HR-technology investment, the solution needs to tie in with the existing IT-landscape, meet employee expectations and deliver insights for leadership.

We optimize the planning, selection, and deployment with your business in mind for you to create greater productivity.

Carve-Outs / M&A

Buying or selling business segments often fails to achieve the pursued value because the exceptional impact of HR on the deal’s success is ignored.

We ensure that HR functions and shines. From before signing the deal until implementing a long-term strategy.

We interlace your people management and your business objectives.

You already know this: Every business today is in continuous transformation. Digitalization, demographic change, innovation, changing globalization, and varying attitudes toward work pull companies in different directions.

What is holding it all together? Your people. Every transformation is ultimately a transformation of people. How can an organization drive growth in this environment? Through the people. It’s their ingenuity that drives progress.

HR builds competitive advantage by bringing people and business objectives together. With carefully designed HR strategies, a top-notch user experience with digital HR tools, a human-centric work experience, and creative career paths. We make sure that your HR-practices and your HR-technology grow your competitive advantage.

We know what you’re dealing with.

We’re in this for more than 25 years. We learned in more than 250 projects with large corporations how demands have changed and increased for HR and HR-IT. We know the details and maybe even encountered a similar situation as yours already.

We cover the full scope.

We are HR specialists but generalists in HR. We applied the diverse capabilities of our team in every imaginable situation in 20+ industries. A psychologist to design employee experience, a mathematician for strategy, or a pilot to integrate HR apps? We have it.

We are independent.

Our company is owner managed. We think long-term, have short decision-making and communication channels and are flexible. We have a strong corporate culture and motivation; we take your success personally.

You get what you see.

We are who we are and say what we mean. We enjoy being to the point but also lofty in creative processes, we are proud of our skills but we keep on learning, we are nerdy with tech but practical to make it work. Don’t expect consultant-bingo, that’s not us.

25 years and counting...

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