We are # We connect business, HR, and IT # We enable HR to drive change # We shape your future IT

Leverage our experience and talents to make your transformation a success.

What we do

Business Talent Strategy

Disruptive technologies and new business models are changing the way business value is generated. We help business managers define a customized talent strategy.

HR Operating Model Transformation

Our proven agile HR operating models help companies define requirements from all relevant perspectives. We are shaping the future of HR organizations.

HR-IT Strategy & Execution

We put HR in the driver seat by designing and implementing a forward-looking HR-IT platform.

HR Carve-Outs, Mergers & Acquisitions

We guide clients through a wide variety of Carve-Outs and M&A projects. We know how to structure the complex interdependencies to bring the endeavor to success.

What makes us different?

We drive people-business


20+ years of expertise in business transformation and HR & IT consulting


Mix of highly skilled transformation, HR & IT experts and young innovative talent

End-to-end competence

Market-leading combination of business transformation management, HR and IT Strategy, design and implementation methods, and HR-standard software -- We speak business, HR, and IT!


Owner-managed company, independent of third party interests


Innovative organizational development that enables fast and flexible growth

Global reach

Projects and software that impact multinational companies worldwide


Keep up with us, the HR-, and HR-IT worlds!