We will be there. And if you are contemplating the introduction of skills management in your organization, so should you.

On June 14/15, probably the most comprehensive discussion of the year on skills management in the DACH region will take place. Organized by the German Association for Human Resource Management (DGFP), fully online and open to non-DGFP members.

The immediate value of skills management is usually clear to organizations. The practical steps to implement it often are not. We try to provide as much valuable information as possible in our articles (e.g. on the basics of skills-based practices or on the distinction from Strategic Workforce Planning). But the fact remains that every organization has its own reality and solutions need to be adapted. This is why the DGFP Skill Management Conference is so valuable. It focuses on real-world examples and pragmatists as presenters. You can also take advantage of breakout sessions and networking for more in-depth learning. The explicit goal of the conference is to give each person practical and actionable tips.


// The skill-based organization: Which use cases exist for skill management in organizations and where are the points of contact to adjacent HR practices?

// Laying the foundations: How companies define their future skills and analyze the competencies of their employees – and how the alignment works.

// Data as a success factor: To what extent the diverse application fields of skills management can be mapped using data-driven approaches?

// Digital tools: Which software solutions do companies use for their skills management and what should be considered when introducing them?

// Skill Management in SMEs: How also smaller companies with limited resources can establish professional skill management.

You can find the program here and there is an early bird discount for registration until the beginning of May. If you will not be able to participate, you can pass on your code to your colleagues.

We are grateful for being invited to contribute with our experience selecting skill management software on June 14th from 10.15h on (Dr. Ralph Köppen). But we would have been there in any case.