Statement from the artist

“In the 3D animated short Christmas video, my own paintings form the basis for the look and content. In some cases, individual passages and figures were “detached” from the pictures and now enjoy their own life on a small stage, which in turn consists of painting used as a backdrop. Curiosity, anticipation and a brief glimpse into the perfectly structured and most mysterious “company” in the universe are the themes of the little film. The minimalistic soundtrack was specially written by me.” – Thomas Huber

Have a closer look which paintings where used as a basis for this video. Can you find them?

Used Paintings

About the artist

Thomas Huber is an artist from Munich. His artistic field covers painting, object, drawing and film. But see his artwork for yourself on his website:

Also check out some of his big projects at:

We are very happy to have worked with him and hope that there will be more creative projects with him in the future.

Thank you Thomas!